The Trauma-Skilled Conference 2020

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The Ethics of Trauma-sensitive Language in Practice

Presenter: Brian Peck, LCSW
Description: As our understanding of trauma continues to evolve, it can be challenging for therapists to use language in a way that educates the public, supports our clients’ recovery, and meets the requirements of healthcare systems.

In this ethics session, we will explore some of the ethical implications surrounding the language mental health professionals use when speaking and writing about trauma.

How People Change: The Transformational Power of the Body and Relationships

Presenter: Janelle Stauffer, LCSW
Description: How People Change explores the complexities of attachment, the brain, mind, and body as they aid change during psychotherapy. Research is presented about the properties of healing relationships and communication strategies that facilitate change in the social brain.

The Complete Trauma-Informed Toolkit

Presenter: Janelle Stauffer, LCSW
Description: This is considered an intermediate training for clinicians serving clients who have experienced trauma. This training will review the theories, practices, and professional self-care necessary to serve clients who have experienced trauma in any form. Participants will leave with the following knowledge:

  • Basic understanding of hypervigilance & dissociation
  • Five essential pillars of safe trauma treatment
  • Understanding the role of helplessness in trauma treatment and dealing with it within the therapeutic relationship.

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness & Yoga

Presenter: Caitlin Lanier, LMSW
Description: In this workshop, Caitlin Lanier, a Licensed Master Social Worker and Trauma Skilled Yoga Instructor, will address a very important topic in the field of Trauma: how to make mindfulness safe for trauma survivors. Caitlin will provide theory and practice for providers who use this effective practice in their treatment.

Adverse Religious Experiences

Presenter: Brian Peck, LCSW
Description: Religious communities and spiritual practices can be a source of resilience AND a source of suffering. In this workshop, Brian Peck, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and co-founder of the Religious Trauma Institute, will explore the impacts of adverse religious experiences and religious trauma on clients. Participants will develop a deeper awareness of adverse religious experiences and clinical skills for addressing religious trauma in their practice.

Participants will...

  • Learn how to identify adverse religious beliefs, practices, and structures from a trauma-informed lens
  • Become familiar with common responses to adverse religious experiences
  • Gain skills for working with, Religious Trauma, Identity Trauma, and Somatic Shame

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The Ethics of Trauma-sensitive Language in Practice

Analyze ethical issues associated with how language impacts the way trauma is understood, diagnosed, documented, and treated by mental health professionals. Identify personal and professional barriers to adopting trauma-sensitive language into clinical practice. Integrate trauma-sensitive language across the domains of advocacy, assessment, documentation, and treatment of trauma.

How People Change: The Transformational Power of the Body and Relationships

Understand recent neuroscience of change from attachment and polyvagal theories

The Complete Trauma-Informed Toolkit (part 1)

The Complete Trauma-Informed Toolkit (part 2)

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness & Yoga (part 1)

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness and Yoga (part 2)

Adverse Religious Experiences (part 1)

Adverse Religious Experiences (Part 2)

Adverse Religious Experiences (bonus)