Foundations for Treating Religious Trauma

A Clinical Training for Mental Health Professionals

With Kathrn Keller, PhD (she/her) and Anna Clark-Miller, LPC (she/her)

What's Included:

  • Video recordings of the live training in several formates
  • Audio version of the training
  • Transcript of the training
  • Training Handout and Slides
  • Additional Resources
  • Q&A responses from the live training

Training Objectives

  1. Conceptualization & Assessment: Attendees will learn to identify signs and symptoms of religious trauma, explore comorbidities, and learn to assess the extent of a client’s religious trauma.

  2. High-Control Implications: Attendees will learn to recognize and describe the psychologically harmful impacts of high-control tactics used to elicit conformity and subjugation.

  3. Treatment Considerations & Interventions: Attendees will evaluate therapeutic modalities for their effectiveness in treating religious trauma and gain practical skills for addressing common presenting issues among religious trauma clients.

Intended Audience:

This clinical training is intended for mental health professionals, graduate students in related fields of study, and medical and behavioral health professionals who want to better serve religious trauma survivors.

The focus on foundational elements makes this training well suited for clinicians who have been working with religious trauma for a while, therapists who are beginning to work with survivors, and professionals who simply want to expand their awareness and deepen their understanding of religious trauma.

About the Presenters

Dr. Kathryn Keller (she/her) is a Licensed Psychologist and LPC-Supervisor in Dallas, TX. She co-owns a group counseling practice, Dallas Therapy Collective, where she sees adult clients for individual therapy and supervises postdocs and LPC-Associates. Kathryn’s practice is focused on clients who present with relationship concerns, anxiety, and traumatic stress, including spiritual and religious trauma. Her dissertation resulted in the first known measure of spiritual abuse and she stays connected with others in the field working with similar specialties.

Anna Clark-Miller, LPC (she/her) practices at Dallas Therapy Collective and specializes in Religious Trauma and LGBTQ+ identities. She is the co-founder of Empathy Paradigm, a consulting business that offers training on trauma-informed and DEI-conscious leadership. Anna has a background in crisis intervention and criminal justice and currently hosts a religious trauma podcast called Martyr, She Wrote.

Foundations for Treating Religious Trauma is hosted by the Religious Trauma Institute and co-sponsored by Empathy Paradigm.

This version of the training does not include CEUs. A version of the training with CEUs will be available soon.

12 Lessons

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